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     After High School I temporarily followed a traditional path and entered Mass College of Art in Boston, but I quit in my second semester. I went to work instead at a cooperative art studio. I've never been good at following someone else's voice.
     In the summer of 1983 several of us from the Kaji Aso Studio canoed down the Mississippi River, sketching along the way. Back in Boston we had a group exhibition of our work inspired by the trip. But I found that the water on the river had seeped too deeply into my blood, and I knew I had to go to sea.  
     For the next 17 years I worked in the maritime industry, eventually earning my 100 ton Captain's license. But the art of working on the sea is unflinching in its demands, so there was little time left for other arts.
     Several years ago my life came to a crossroads. I decided it was time to let my art bloom. I was fortunate enough to enroll in the art program at the University of Southern Maine where I graduated in May 2010 with a BA in Art and a concentration in photography.
     I believe art and life and creativity are all tied together in the delicate web of human existence. I believe that it's by following the elusive whispers of the soul and by trusting in inspiration that eventually leads an individual to his or her true life's work and friends. For me art and life are an adventure, and art is an investigation that should always reveal something new. I believe it's important to step back and forget all preconceptions of structure and form and accepted processes, and let content rebuild an image in a way that the artist might have thought was too hard or impossible to do. Art is invention and reinvention, frustration and perspiration, and eventually rejuvenation. Art is all the parts of one's life tied up in one moment glimpsed through an image. And art is a way of seeing things you thought you knew so very well as if you're seeing them for the very first time.

Education: University of Southern Maine - BA in Art, summa cum laude
Landing School of Boatbuilding and Design - Yacht Design and Boatbuilding
black and white photo of Amy and her dog Jake
dividing line
- Amy J. Hagberg - 7 Dragonfly Circle - Limerick - ME - 04048 -
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